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Renew-Reuse-Recycle is an online community all about what we can do to stop or mitigate the effects of climate change.

We know our climate is changing, and that in this century we should expect that:

  • temperatures will increase
  • winter rainfall will get heavier, increasing the risk of flooding
  • summer rainfall may reduce considerably, creating pressure on water resources
  • sea levels will rise, leading to further coastal erosion and flood risk

In future, climate change will affect many aspects of our lives, our environment, our business and our public services.

The idea of this website is to provide a place where people who want to adopt green technologies can get help and advice from those who've been down the path already.


Housing Secretary unveils green housing revolution

Wed Oct 2 12:28:26 2019

A new green standard for new build homes will bring an environmental revolution to home building.

RWE npower has received the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard

Wed Jul 9 09:24:48 2014

RWE npower has received the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) certificate for significantly reducing the amount of rubbish it sends to landfills each year.

Coloured energy-generating solar glass

Wed Nov 27 15:28:38 2013

Dubai Investments' latest product “could be set to revolutionise glass across the globe” Dubai Investments PJSC (DI) have announced the announced the launch of its new coloured solar glass.

E.ON stays on course in difficult environment As anticipated,

Wed Nov 13 09:57:25 2013

EBITDA and underlying net income below prior-year figures Renewables and distributed-energy solutions expanded

The 'Waste Hierarchy'

Wed Sep 11 14:42:22 2013

According to that hierarchy, preventing (REDUCING) waste arising in the first place is the ideal, and LANDFILL should be the last resort for managing the waste.

Smart grid and innovative energy-storage device enter service

Mon Sep 9 14:42:21 2013

Island of Pellworm points the way to the energy supply system of the future On the North Sea island of Pellworm, state-of-the-art technologies have been deployed that exemplify the transformation of Germany’s energy system. Today northern Germany’s first smart local energy system was officially inaugurated by Schleswig-Holstein Premier Torsten Albig, E.ON SE Board of Management member Leonhard Birnbaum, and Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG Board of Management member Matthias Boxberger. The system serves as a platform for testing and refining the local storage of renewable-source electricity and the operation of a smart grid.

E.ON starts work on Helgoland base for its Amrumbank West wind farm

Mon Aug 19 21:11:57 2013

E.ON today started construction of its operations and maintenance building on the North Sea island of Helgoland. E.ON will use Helgoland as an offshore operations base for its Amrumbank West offshore wind farm. The 1,800 square metre building will provide space for offices, changing rooms and storage. Up to 50 staff working in shifts will support the operation of the Amrumbank West wind farm by boat and helicopter. The inauguration of the building is scheduled for August 2014.

Fracking: Planning rules must protect communities and environment

Tue Jul 16 16:47:36 2013

Government planning guidance on fracking, due to be published later this week, must protect communities and play its part in meeting UK climate targets, Friends of the Earth warned today. The environment charity also said the guidance must be subject to public consultation - as is normally the case for planning guidance.

Marks and Spencer has today (Thursday 27 June) called on the Government to create a Bee Action Plan.

Thu Jun 27 15:28:31 2013

The retailer joins businesses such as Co-op and B&Q, key scientists, 200 MPs from all parties, and tens of thousands of the British public asking for action on the issue.

VAT cut can succeed where Green Deal is failing

Thu Jun 27 13:53:51 2013

Reducing VAT to 5 per cent on energy efficiency improvement work would help more households than Green Deal finance can, said the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) in response to the latest statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Ask an Expert

Brine/Anti freeze needing replaced in GSHP

Thu Jan 24 18:02:47 2013

Hi All, Does anyone know how often we need to replace the antifreeze liquid in our ground source heat loops, also does it all need to be replaced or can it be topped up by adding some new and replacing some old. I am getting mine serviced and the engineer said they will test the antifreeze and replace if necessary at 150 litres in the system this could work out to be quite expensive, does any one have any experience of this. Thanks

Average Monthly Windspeeds

Wed Jan 23 17:55:31 2013

Average July Windspeeds at Goodwood


Tue Jul 24 15:39:57 2012

Ground source or air souce? Acheiving band D with the EPC to get higher pv cell feed in tarriff and ground source grant.

Proven 15kW bits

Fri Feb 10 18:27:13 2012

My sons are trying to resuscitate an old Proven 15KW!

G5/9 @ 33kV

Tue Dec 21 10:43:48 2010

Does anybody have any info I could research, on the net, for the above application?
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A Combi Boiler To Serve Multiple Heating Purposes | BoilerSpot

Wed Oct 10 05:30:50 2018

Bring Home a combi boiler to serve multiple heating purposes of a water heater and as a central heating boiler to save your money. https://boilerspot.co.uk/combi-boilers.php

Novawind 12

Sun Aug 9 12:07:58 2015

Novawind Turbine - Novawind Turbine 6 'not fit for purpose' RLE Novawind have known about the issues with our turbine for 3 1/2 years!

RLE Novawind 12

Sat Aug 8 11:27:19 2015

RLE Novawind withdrew their MCS application for Novawind 6 - so why are they referring to it on their website blurb for Novawind 12???

RLE Novawind 6

Tue Jul 28 17:35:17 2015

Safety Issues with Novawind 6

Nova Wind 6

Thu Jul 23 17:18:40 2015

Issues with Nova Wind 6 kw


Thu Dec 19 17:48:47 2013


Solar powered Bike lights

Mon Sep 9 14:45:06 2013

Considering what lights to get on my Bike.

Phase change materials

Wed Aug 7 18:05:22 2013

I am looking at thermal mass, and wondered if anyone has successfully used phase change materials?

reusing aerosol cans

Sat Mar 30 16:37:43 2013

They are often still full (ish) but out of propellant.

Ecotricity slashes FiT for wind pioneers

Sat Mar 16 19:44:23 2013

Ecotricity announces new reduced rate of FiT for early adopters of wind power.


What You Need to Know about Wind Systems

Thu Mar 2 10:18:43 2017

A useful new article from Home Power Magazine

Free online forms

Mon Feb 27 10:14:11 2017

Good online form builder

Bergey servicing in the UK

Mon Feb 27 10:02:37 2017

Maintenance servicing in the north of England

Wind blog

Sun Feb 26 11:52:26 2017

Hugh Piggott at Scorag produces an excellent blog. In particular, his most recent post on the folly of small wind turbines in cities ... link to remote site http://scoraigwind.co.uk

On-line forms

Tue Apr 7 15:01:16 2015

JotForm offer a on-line web form facility.
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