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Solving the Problem – Replacing the core on my 6kw Proven Wind Turbine.
by Stuart at 2007-08-06 15:22:56 (Blog::Stuart)
I am delighted to say that the Proven is all fixed and back generating after over two months down time.
Jim from Eastwood energy was doing the replacement on behalf of Willow energy. Jim did a cracking job working from 8 till 8 to get things back and running fantastically.

Once the turbine was taken down and the core removed it was easy to see the problem. There were three brown scorched patches on the core, that should be a uniform black ring. The brown patches were obviously burnt as a result of heating from the short. You could easily flake the burnt plastic off. I wonder if Proven do autopsies to find out what is going wrong to improve the design?

Jim felt the turbine had gotten worse from his initial inspection to the replacement, and having seen the turbine back in full working order I wonder if it hadn’t been slowly deteriorating for some months before the full stop on that Bank holiday.

I am really delighted to have it fixed again. Working they are a thing of beauty, broken a source of worry and concern.

I got word from Proven today that we have a two year warranty on the new core as well, that is reassuring!

I would thoroughly recommend Jim to anyone wanting a service done: his number is 07792 453 268 or email EASTWOODENERGY@BTINTERNET.COM


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