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SDHW New Installation
by muymalestado at 2007-08-04 12:30:31 (Blog::muymalestado)
Notes about our new Solar Hot Water installation at home.
2nd August 2007, installers commissioned the system on their 4th visit. It all looks good and seems to work well.

What have we got?

We asked Fraser & Sun from Inverness to spec supply and install and mostly they did. I asked for 'extras' and so I bought the cylinder and the controller equipment; they supplied the rest and fitted it all up with few problems.

Late Thursday afternoon, 2nd, on a mostly cloudy day the power was switched on. Temps were displayed at the cylinder top, cylinder bottom and collector top and it was clear not much energy would change hands that day. Even so slight parting of cloud caused the collector to heat up and the pump switched on to 30% speed. And, switched off 10 minutes later as cloud thickened. Damp squib! But it was what was supposed to happen.

Friday, 3rd, cloud and rain morn till dark and the pump only came on for moments - in total for 1 hour all day.

Today, Saturday 4th, wow! 2/8ths cloud. Plenty of energy out there and we're getting our share captured in the cylinder.

I am getting nothing done (no hoovering) what with jumping up to see collector temp, and pump speed, etc. We have gone over 60C at the collector and the cylinder is being warmed bottom to top degree by degree; it is 48C at 11:45 and rising.

Our collectors were made in Forres, nearby by AES. The controller equipment is RESOL (German). The cylinder is Telford Solar stainless unvented indirect twin coil (stainless as our water is acid). In Ireland last week we saw RESOL mentioned very frequently and our installer uses them all the time.

I put in a RESOL datalogger (which was FUN to connect) and I get 5 minute data records.

I guess our usage of hot water should change to morning so the collector has plenty of work to do, and we had better watch the cloud cover.

Some pics attached (hopefully).

JPEG image (1Mb limit) Panels facing south - windows designed to collect energy as well
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Datalogger at top; pump (on return) & blowout at right
JPEG image (1Mb limit) RESOL DeltaSol BS Plus controller - where we watch the temps
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Collector flow entering loft - thermister wire dangles down
JPEG image (1Mb limit) return going to far collector - expansion vessel lower left
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Expansion - first line of overheat defense - tee'd into return
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