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Noise assessment
by Tim Rutherford at 2007-06-14 18:52:28 (Ask an Expert)
It looks like we are going to get a refusal for a 6kW Proven because our site is too quiet!
This follows on from an exchange in the Proven forum, (thanks Stuart.)
Our turbine is to be sited 60m from our neighbour's boundary, and 80m from his house. There are trees in between so the turbine would not be visible, and the roof of the house is below the base of the turbine in altitude, and upwind. The neighbour has NO objection to the turbine, and is quite keen to see it.
However our Environmental Health man insists that a background noise metering test is done at our site, and has revealed that he expects that the night time background reading will be low enough that the difference between it and the turbine noise could potentially provoke complaint, prompting a refusal of planning permission.
He says that background noise variables like foliage, birdsong, wind direction can all be factored in, but it is still a snapshot on which the whole future of our project could be sunk.
None of the other installations I've found in the area has had this problem, but perhaps their boundaries are further off.
What seem so crazy, tho' of course I'm biased,is that Provens are not noisy, but I have to consider a hypothetical, highly sensitised person wanting to picnic by his fence at midnight, when most weekends my peace is shattered by trials bikes.
Oh yes, my question! Well, HELP, really, I can't find a way round this, and it looks like I'm going to have to pay for the metering too. Shifting the turbine site is a possibility, but not a good one, efficiency-wise.
Any suggestions? Proven say this tactic is getting ominously familiar to them.

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