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Cavity Wall Insulation
by Stuart at 2006-05-03 12:18:57 (Blog::Stuart)
Like thousands of others in the country we recently had our cavity walls insulated.
The Energy Saving Trust website URL to our electricity supplier provided information from Seeboard (local arm of EDF energy) offering to supply cavity wall insulation for a reduced rate if 170 (equating to a saving of over 600 on the full cost)
To be eligible for the scheme your house usually has to have been built later than about 1915 (prior to this date houses often didn't have cavity walls) and pre 1980 (since when walls have been filled as standard as part of building regulations).
Having confirmed our eligibility for the offer a preliminary assessment was carried out by a man from an insulation company. Our detached 1920 house could only have 3 and a half walls done as we have asbestos tiles on the front of the house which obviously no one wanted to touch. The inspector noted where all the air vents were as they would all be replaced with new vents which have a special box behind connecting to the inner vent allowing air to circulate under the flooring.
The inspector also looked inside the walls with an optic camera to asses the size of the cavity and quality of the ties and brickwork. Our cavities were on the large size and the company debated whether they would carry out the work (it appears the installation companies are on a fixed price per job and therefore smaller jobs would be more attractive to them)
We were impressed with the speed in which the work was carried out, taking place within a month of the initial assessment. Holes were drilled in the walls about one meter apart all the way up to the gables and a compressor was used to inject rock wool into the walls.
The work should have taken half a day to complete however there was a slight mishap; a brick was missing on the inner cavity wall in the loft around a window which the installer had failed to detect. This oversight resulted in us being greeted with a winter scene as a drift of insulation fell into the landing. The installer had filled the walls and a good part of the loft as well, before they questioned the rather long length of time the pumping was taking. They did clean the mess up as best they could though.
Since having this work done the house is noticeably warmer and for the money it is fantastic value. I hope the positive impression is borne out in lower gas bills but who knows, as the price of gas has gone up so much unless you compare the volume of gas usage it is difficult to gauge.

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