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Tree Planting for firewood.
by Stuart at 2006-12-22 12:20:50 (Forum::Public::Biomass)
I am delighted to say that I have planted 10 Ash trees, 10 Hazel Trees, 4 Oaks, 2 Silver Birch and 10 Holly bushes recently.
The whole cost for the trees the guards and everything was 100 all in.

I cant imagine everything will survive, but I hope that with somecare and coppicing next year I should have in about 10years have some useful firewood.

I do have a question and that is, is it better to keep coppicing for the first few years to get lots and lots of shoots or is it better to just to do it one in the first Spring and then lets the trees grow. What method gives the greater mass of firewood?


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