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Veg Oil
by bryan at 2006-12-20 16:34:16 (Forum::Public::Transport)
Run your car on veg oil.
Thought people here may be interested in this. However much I'd like to cycle and use public transport this is not always practical or available.

However I now run my car on vegetable oil with no conversion. This is trully a near carbon neutral fuel. Yes there is always some impact but where the journey is necessary lowering the impact is probably the best available option. pollutants are also vastkly reduced as are the carcinogens present in diesel smoke

OK, a few things to note before you pour veg oil into your car.

Direct Injection (DI) engines need a twin tank whicha re readily availbale for around 700 and lucas injector pumps are not suitable,

Most older diesels are indirect injection (IDI) whilst most diesels post 1998 are DI.

If you are fortunate enough to still have an old diesel then check the injector pump. Bosch is the best as are the straght line injector pumps found in mercedes and landrovers. Lucas pumps are lubricated by the fuel and thus have a tendency to clog and break and thus are not suitable.

With an IDI and a bosch pump the engine will almost definitely work fine with veg oil straight from your local supermarket.

Start off with a small mix say 10% veg oil then build it up...

We now run on 80 -100% veg in the summer and 50 -70% in the winter.

Due to the viscosity and energy return, rapeseed is the best oil to use (all supermarket veg oil is rapeseed) this also has a gelling point of -18c which is fine for UK winters. However it should be noted if you choose to use soya oil it has a gelling point of 0c and is almost always GM.

Maintenance... make sure you change your filters regularly ...generally half the manufacturers stated time interval.

Please do not buy Palm oil ...the rainforests of south east asia are vanishing to produce this and for legal reasons please pay the duty ...though this is at your discretion and no actual check is done to verify your figures of use...

So if you really want to make motoring as environmentally friendly as possible start running on veg oil ...better still reclaim used veg oil and get into the recycling game as well.

Good luck

PS for further info and a wealth of info take a look at vegetableoildiesel.co.uk forum.

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