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Advertising and Ask an Expert
by Website Administrator at 2006-04-23 15:59:12
Information on how to advertise on this website or become a member of the Ask an Expert panel.

Button Adverts

GIF (animated is fine) or JPG image file, 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels high and we need to know the URL where clicks should go to. Please try to keep the filesize of the image to less than 10K (though in practice we're pretty flexible).

Pricing and Placement

£200 per quarter + VAT for the advert to appear on every page of the website in the left hand column between the navigation and the vertical Google Advert block.

If you want to book a banner advert, please email webmaster@renew-reuse-recycle.com with a purchase order number along with the image file and URL, and indicate which 3 months you want to book it for.

Ask an Expert Panel Membership

The T&Cs and prices for being on the Experts panel are as follows:

  1. Each nominated expert from a company or organisation will have their own login account on the site, with a profile that can include company details (address, phone, fax, email, website link) and a webpage-worth of descriptive text and/or images (eg a photo of the expert). Any time an expert posts a response to a visitor's question, the expert's name will be linked back to their profile page so that other visitors can go and view it.
  2. Each nominated expert will receive an email notification whenever a question from a visitor is approved by the operators of the website and published in the Ask an Expert area. The expert will receive the full text of the question in the email so they can decide if they want to respond. The email contains a weblink which takes the expert back to the question's page on the site where they can use the 'Reply' facility to post their answer. Replies by experts are not moderated and hence are published immediately.
  3. Only experts can reply directly to questions, but once a reply is posted then any other registered user of the website can add comments to the initial experts' replies to continue the discussion.
  4. The cost to a company or organisation for being included on the panel is £600 + VAT per year per nominated expert, payable in advance, with a 50% discount for founder members. eg 1 nominated expert for a founder member will cost £300 + VAT per year, 2 will be £600 + VAT and so on. There is no limit on the number of nominated experts per company or organisation. Founder members will be invited to renew on the same terms for their second year's membership. There are presently 5 founder memberships still available.
  5. Companies or organisations may change their nominated experts at any stage during their membership year at no cost, in which case new login accounts and profiles will be created for the replacements and the replaced experts will no longer be able to respond directly to initial questions from visitors. They will revert to being ordinary registered users with the ability to engage in the website's discussions in the same way as other ordinary registered users.
  6. No refund will be made if a company or organisation reduces their number of nominated experts during their membership year.
  7. Any libellous, offensive, or abusive messages posted by a nominated expert, or a replaced nominated expert, will result in the company's or organisation's access rights for all their experts (both current and replaced) being withdrawn immediately and no refund will be made.

To request addition to the panel, please send a purchase order number by email to webmaster@renew-reuse-recycle.com accompanied by the text and other resources you wish to have included in each nominated expert's profile. The data required for a login account and to complete a profile fully is:

  • Name of the nominated expert
  • Their email address
  • Company or organisation name
  • Address, including postcode and country
  • Phone
  • FAX
  • Website URL
  • Marketing text and/or supporting images (GIF or JPG format)

The login username will typically be set up to be the same as the expert's name, and the initial password will be randomly generated but can be changed by the expert when they are logged in.

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