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Wood Store
by Stuart at 2006-10-03 13:31:18 (Blog::Stuart)
Having seen the price of some of the commercially available wood stores I decided to build my own.
The whole build took about half a day and probably only cost about £50. This compares very favorable to the £1000 I saw online.
I opted for a very sturdy box with two shelves able to carry about 20 wheelbarrows of split logs each.
The structure is along the side of the house but not touching it to allow air flow at the back. It has an open front with a large over hanging roof.
In the last nights we have lite the stove for the first time with our own seasoned timber and the performance was very good.
Firstly it was very easy to light and went to the charcoal stage much quicker. I believe it probably used a third to quarter less fuel.
Telling how dry timber is, is not that easy. Weight and sound are good guides (it should be light in weight and sound hollow) but the sycamore I have dried for example is till heavy and doesn’t change greatly after about six months of drying.
What I have learnt from this though is the need to keep wood totally dry for at least some of its seasoning. Building a store where wind and sun can get to the wood but rain cant will definitely give you a big payback in efficiency and therefore less log splitting.

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