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Novawind 12
by Andrew Kyle at 2015-08-09 12:07:58 (Forum::Public::General)
Novawind Turbine - Novawind Turbine 6 'not fit for purpose'

RLE Novawind have known about the issues with our turbine for 3 1/2 years!

RLE Novawind were informed directly in December 2011 that Novawind 6 turbine design was not fit for purpose, and as a result of this, they withdrew their application for MCS approval, agreeing at the time that the defects were of sufficient seriousness as to warrant such a withdrawal, for the safety of any users. They should have recalled all turbines at that time, but failed to do so leaving only 3 remaining in the UK. My turbine was not removed at this time and I had to continue to use their turbine, with them having full knowledge that there were severe issues with the turbine, and as such they have demonstrated wilful neglect in doing so.

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