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Proven 6kw Wind turbine, output after six years versus Kings North Power Station
by Stuart at 2012-11-20 16:16:32 (Blog::Stuart)
Just wanted to update people on where we are with our turbine.
We have produced 14500kwh of electricity.
But letís put that in contrast with Kings North coal fired power station.

My wind turbine rated output 6 Kilowatts
Kings North 1940 Megawatts

So in one hour it produces 1940 MWH (megawatt hours)

My turbine is somewhat less powerful and in six years has produced 14.5 MWH.

That equates to me producing electricity equivalent to 30 seconds of Kings North generation, and emissions.

A lot or very little depending on you take on things.

I wonder what the cumulative production of turbines recorded here is, and what that equates to in Kings North time?


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