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Wind Turbine Inverter & Wind Data Logging
by Peter at 2011-03-11 15:07:50 (Blog::Peter)
Some time ago, I put up an article covering our turbine Inverter and Wind Anenometer data logging system.

We recently updated the logger to enable us to view the data in real-time over the internet.

This post deals with the upgraded logging system.

We are using an APRS wind data logger and Anemometer, together with an Inverter monitoring programme from Right Hand Engineering.

Examples screenshots of the full outputs from the monitoring programme are included here, as is a APRS Wind data logger Excel file for a 24 hour period. The Excel file shows the CSV raw data produced at intervals you can determine, in our case using the default of 60 seconds, with the file written to a SD card at midnight each day i.e a total of 1,140 records per file. Using Excel, you can obviously display the data as required. The SD card can hold a couple of year’s worth of daily data files.

As the wind logger is battery powered using a solar charger, the system is independent and is located on the Bergey turbine tower, with the Anemometer & wind vane set at about 15m height. Data is sent back using a Yagi directional WiFi antenna over about 310 metres once every minute using an xBee 12v Potted modem, powered from the same source as the logger.

However, the Inverter monitoring programme automatically combines the important data from both the Inverter and the Wind logger, allowing this information to be viewed in a user friendly output both in real time and historically using RightHand Engineering's WinVerter Data Reader.


Excel file (3Mb limit) Excel daily output CSV file with field descriptions
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Log Reading Inverter & Wind Screenshot 2
JPEG image (1Mb limit) Log Reading Inverter & Wind Screenshot
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