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Re: Exmork Wind Turbines
by David Betts at 2011-01-19 10:03:09 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Yes and thanks for the advice, i have learn t the hard way i am afraid.
Have re-wound the stators and fitted good bearings and used good quality cable and hopefully one of the two will be erect this weekend.
I don't understand them if they had sent replacements i probably would not have complained about their product so loudly, why cant companies understand that after sales service is important. If they had investigated the cause, rectified the problem in production one day they might be selling good quality products.
I have a business for 16 years now in the electronics industry winding coils and transformers so i know the industry, it is so close to being a good product.
If they had fitted better bearings with a good QA department and used quality cable instead of the s**t cable they used they could be good.
Thanks for your message.


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