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Bergey 10kW Turbines in the UK & Ireland
by Peter at 2010-04-28 20:25:50 (Blog::Peter)
At last, Bergey have a partner in the UK & Ireland who appear to have the capability to make this manufacturer a significant player in the UK and Irish markets.
SIAC Wind Energy are part of the construction group, SIAC, a company with a 97 year pedigree and now one of Ireland's largest engineering contractors.

Bergey is one of the most experienced manufacturers of small (10kW) wind turbines and has installations in over 100 countries. The 10kW Excel turbine was introduced in 1983 and more than 1,500 have now been installed. However, UK and Irish consumers have - until now - had to make their own arrangements to import Bergey turbines, with all the hassle of exchange rates, transportation, customs etc never mind installation and ongoing maintenance.

I understand that SIAC are now importing Bergey turbines in bulk, maintaining stock; they also have the expertise and capability to erect and maintain these 10kW turbines which have proved so successful for farms, small businesses, schools and larger residential customers in the United States and elsewhere.

I will expand this blog from time with my experience of the Bergey turbine - click here for updates.

Further information is available on the SIAC Wind Energy website here.

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