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Re: Best so far - Microtricity @16p for total generated
by BigSkeff at 2010-04-21 02:12:36 (Forum::Public::General)
Thanks David,

Cheers for the heads up, spot on.

I called ECOTRICITY 0800 0326 100 and was directed to the Microtricity part of their website ( www.ecotricity.co.uk ) where it states:

That there are two rates of payment depending on when your installation was commissioned:

• After 15th July 2009 – you should be eligible for the full FiT rate.

• Before 15th July 2009 – with the standard RO transfer rates, you should be eligible for a rate of 9p/kWh and an export payment of 3p/kWh (guaranteed until 31st March 2027). But we at Ecotricity believe in backing green energy pioneers, so we’ll be offering a total flat rate of 16 pence per kWh (inclusive of the export payment) for every unit you generate**. These payments will be reviewed on an annual basis.

* Export rate is inclusive if you sign up to Microtricity’s pre 15th July 2009 rate.
** 16p unit price is capped at 6kW installation size and is subject to terms and conditions.

As you say, buying their power is part of the deal.

Their rates are based on where you live. Ours for the Humber region are:
14.91p/kWh inc Vat for the first 728 units and 13.9p/kWh inc Vat for the rest.

I'm calling them again tomorrow to ask about the 'terms and conditions'


p.s. I've attached the factsheet, below.

Planet 'B' presumed nonexistent.

PDF file (3Mb limit)
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