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Re: Who's offering the best deals for our power ?
by BigSkeff at 2010-04-03 00:25:44 (Forum::Public::General)
Thanks for your replies.

David, That sounds good to me, and got to be worth a try. Do you have a contact number or name for Ecotricity ? I wonder how their import rates compare as we export > 92% of all power generated and then have to re-import it at circa 16p?

Peter, It seems Npower, SSE and others are sticking to the MINIMUM rate set by Gordon, with no regrets.

Anyone else out there know of a more generous buyer/seller rate ?

It has been worked out that it would cost each electric account/user approximately £0.07p per annum to include all Microgenerators in the 'New Customers Only FIT rate' ....... Now that doesn’t sound like too much to ask.


There's an 'Early Day Motion 953' being signed by a number of MP's.
Please everyone petition yours, it's very quick and easy using:

EDM 953

Carmichael, Alistair
That this House notes the pioneering contribution that those households and businesses which have installed micro-generation capacity have made in driving forward the UK's development of its own feed-in-tariff policy; further notes that under the Government's Clean Energy Cash-Back scheme new feed-in-tariff payment rates of up to 41.3 pence per kilowatt hour will only apply to new generators which installed their technology after 15 July 2009 and that those businesses and homes which installed their technology before 15 July 2009 will only receive nine pence per kilowatt hour; calls on the Government to recognise the innovation and dynamism of those people who, in breaking new ground in this area, have helped it deliver the Clean Energy Cash-Back scheme; and further calls on the Government to reward those people at the same level as those installing micro-generation capacity for the first time after 1 April 2010.

I could also bump the link to the No10 petition ........
Submitted by Mr Paul Truelove – Deadline to sign up by: 02 August 2010
Signatures: 2,273 so far.
The more the better on this one, also.

Planet 'B' presumed nonexistent.

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