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Wind turbine planning application
by Steve at 2010-01-01 23:03:07 (Forum::Public::Wind)
seeking help with planning form please
I wish to apply for planning approval for a wind turbine. I've had a reasonably positive reply from the local planning office which said....
I have been to the site and given consideration to your proposal for a wind turbine. Although your property is located in an isolated position off the A449, I am of the opinion that a turbine in this location will have little discernable visual impact on the landscape as a whole. Neither, in my opinion will the turbine cause harm to the residential amenity of nearby neighbours. Accordingly, I do not consider there is an in principle objection to a turbine in this location. However, I would advise this opinion is reserved judgement until such time as you are able to provide details of the proposed turbine.
(PS I don't think he actually visited, but looked on Google maps). So basically good news so far. The planning office suggested I download a planning application form from here - http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/appPDF/W1850Form001_england_en.pdf
There is a help file here... http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/appPDF/Help001_england_en.pdf
(you need the latest version of Adobe reader to view the forms as you can actually enter and print text to the form, but not save them with your text).

If you've downloaded the form, you'll see they're not exactly laid out for the application of PP of a wind generator. What would be helpful is for some kind sole who has successfully been through the above planning application process to let me have a look at their form to see what they entered and supplied to the planning office.

I've gone through many posts on this site seeking information, but many links are dead and unable to contact people who may be able to help.

Here's hoping (Smile)



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