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Government Consultation on Smart Metering for Electricity & Gas
by Peter at 2009-05-15 15:37:49 (Blog::Peter)
The Department of Energy & Climate Change has launched a Consultation on electricity and gas smart metering. Government had already announced that they will mandate smart meters in all households. This may now be extended to all businesses premises with annual consumption of less than 723 MWh. This will result in the installation of about 3.7m SME & 47m domestic smart meters by 2020.
1. Attached to this post is the Consultation document itself.

2. The purpose of the Consultation is to seek views on proposals relating to electricity and gas meters in domestic households and at small and medium non-domestic (business and public sector) sites.

3. The Government announced in October 2008 that it intends to mandate electricity and gas smart meters for all households. The consultation makes proposals in two areas fundamental to rolling out smart meters to domestic households: the delivery model or market arrangements for installing and on-going management of smart meters and smart meter functionality (e.g. a central 2 way communications system).

The consultation also invites views on the type of energy consumption information that should be provided to consumers to maximise their engagement and on the Government’s expectation that a standalone real-time display would be provided with a smart meter.

4. For non-domestic metering, the Government issued a consultation on advanced/smart metering for small and medium sized (commercial and public sector) sites in July 2008. Building on the responses to that consultation, the Government is now making specific proposals for the introduction of new metering requirements in this sector.

5. This Consultation also discusses the programme that will be needed to implement a smart meter roll-out across Great Britain.

6. The following documents may be found on DECC’s website.

• The letter to consultees;

• The consultation document itself (also attached here);

• Economic Impact Assessment of Smart Metering for the Domestic Sector;

• Economic Impact Assessment of Smart and Advanced Metering for SMEs and Public Sector Sites.

• Smart Meter Roll-Out: Market Model Definition & Evaluation – A Report by Baringa Partners;

• Smart Meter Roll-Out: Risk & Optimism Bias – A Report by Baringa Partners (plus Annexes);

7. DECC welcome views and comments on the proposals, in particular to the specific questions raised in the consultation document.

Responses must be made by 3rd August 2009.

Note that Responses can be quite brief, for example, simply taking the form of a letter.


PDF file (3Mb limit) A Consultation on Smart Metering for Electricity & Gas
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