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Double RoCs from 1/4/09
by Peter at 2009-04-01 13:27:10 (Blog::Peter)
I have now received confirmation from the RoCs aggregator I use (Tradelink Solutions), that the double RoCs proposal previously discussed at this forum, will be effective from today.

Please find below the details from their email.



From: Tradelink Solutions
Banding Information Note - 31st March 2009

Re the information note previously sent, we have had confirmation that the Revised ROO has now gone through legislation so banding will be effective from 1st April 2009.

This means double ROCs for all you micro-generators (that’s 50kW and under) for your 2009/10 generation.

Banding Information Note (Previously sent 9th March 2009)

The Renewable Obligation Order (the RO) has been under government review for the past two years with the most notable proposal being the introduction of a banded ROC scheme to be introduced from April 2009. With the Energy Act 2008 being given Royal Assent in November last year, (which includes the revisions to the Renewable Obligation Order) the proposed banding of the RO will now come into operation from April 2009. Under the banded RO all micro-generators (that is sites 50kW and under) will be eligible to receive 2ROCs per MWh (1000KWh) metered production. This means that all micro-generators – that includes all existing accredited sites, those pending accreditation and new applicants – will be either banded up from 1ROC/MWh to 2ROC/MWh or granted accreditation under the newly amended order at 2ROC/MWh. This is good news for our micro-generator clients who will for generation from 1st April 2009 be eligible for double their ROC income. Your ROC claims for 2008/9 will still be as per the current Order (1ROC per MWh). The first double ROC award and payment will be due in July 2010 (1st April 2009 to 31st March 2010 generation).

In Summary the 2008/9 ROCs for the previous year’s generation will be issued as per usual. 2009/10 generation will be eligible for double ROCs on your annual claim.

Please note this is still pending introduction into legislation so we do not have any further detail at this stage as to how the banding amendment will be executed. We will update you once we have clarity on this. You do not need to do anything at this stage other than look forward to you ROC income boost next year.

Regards from the Tradelink Renewables Team

31st March 2009

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Double RoCs from 1/4/09 Peter - 1/04
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