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Re: Iskra 5kW
by Cliff Collins at 2009-03-30 09:32:38 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Those of you that have followed this thread since the beginning will know that I had an Iskra wind turbine installed in June 2007 and then had an on-going battle with the manufacturerís distributor, Segen, over a number of issues including noise and efficiency.

Iím glad to say that since I have been dealing with Iskra direct, they have demonstrated great willingness to listen to my concerns and responded quickly. The firm has applied a high level of engineering and scientific skill, and has updated my turbine to their latest production specification - Iím now very happy with the result in both noise and efficiency.

The output from the turbine is excellent and although I am not able to scientifically measure the power being generated it does seem to be impressive, with the cut-in at low wind speeds and a fast upward curve to maximum output. There is no doubt that this is a highly efficient machine.

This pretty much brings to an end the saga of my Iskra wind turbine and I wish all other wind turbine owners the best of luck with theirs.

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