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Real Time Energy Displays
by Peter at 2009-03-11 14:59:40 (Blog::Peter)
Current Cost real time display energy monitor to assist in identifying waste and reducing bills & carbon emissions, looks like a useful bit of kit.
I have just ordered a CC128 Envi (www.currentcost.com), which I hope will allow me to monitor in real time the cost of our electricity consumption.

The unit itself can store up to 7 years information and, as there is a port to enable data to be downloaded to a PC, it should also enable you to monitor, graph and analyse usage patterns over time. This updated model has the facility to monitor 9 individual appliances, although the individual appliance monitors will apparently not be available until May! There also seems to be some future provision to monitor other utility (gas and water) usage.

The CC128 Envi would also seem to be a way of monitoring and recording generation from PV or wind turbine sources.

Under pressure from vested interests the Government last year abandoned a previous pledge to require energy companies to provide consumers with real time energy displays without charge, when requested to do so by the customer. Reasons given were that smart meters may do the job better. But it is clear that the introduction of smart meters by the energy companies is going to take a considerable time, probably a decade or more. Moreover, independent studies have also shown that smart meters are likely to encourage considerably less overall energy saving. A TV news report on this can be found here - C4 News Report.

Surely this is not an either/or; the Government should be encouraging both smart meters AND real time displays.

However, these Current Cost real time display units can still be obtained free by some customers through Current Costís utility partners (E.ON & Scottish & Southern Electricity), as part of their green and energy saver tariffs.

I will post my experience with this unit here in due course.


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