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Source of great LED lamps
by Paul Tanner at 2009-02-16 08:46:54 (Forum::Public::Household)
Found some lamps that would be very interesting if I was refitting a kitchen or utility space.
Our kitchen is lit with an array of halogen lamps. Horrible comsumption and not cheap either. I discovered some LED replacement bulbs (at Ryness) at over 10 times the cost of the halogen ones. This did not motivate me much. I got a few to test the colour and was likewise unimpressed.

Then I found these others. They are made of clusters of LEDs and seem very cost-effective. See them at http://lightsolarled.com. They are larger than you'd think from the pictures and really kick out a lot of light. The only problem is that I'd have to redo the whole kitchen ceiling as you only need a few of these. However, when we next renovate, these are the lamps to use.


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Source of great LED lamps Paul Tanner - 16/02
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       Re: Source of great LED lamps Paul Tanner - 23/02
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