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Caframo Ecofan - Review
by Stuart at 2008-11-11 09:48:46 (Forum::Public::Biomass)
I am delighted to say that I have now had the Caframo Ecofan running on my stove for over a week, and I do think it makes the room perceptively warmer and I would recommend it to people.
It is simple and relatively elegant in its design. The most appealing thing is that it uses the stoves own heat to make it run. The Ecofan has its own thermoelectric module to generate electricity to turn the fan.

It does turn at quite a rate as well, not as fast as a cooling fan you use in the summer but the fan itself is a blur. It makes a very small amount of sound, but you can hear a slight purr when up close (though since the fan sits on top of the stove this close proximity is unlikely to occur very frequently!)

As to the strength of the breeze it generates, this is very subtle. The blurb on the packaging states it does not form a concentrated cone of moving air but rather a very slow moving wall. It was noticeably warmer sitting in the two arm chairs directly in front of the line of the fan though I would say the heat did disperse reasonably evenly around the room.

I like it and I was impressed with how it performs.

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Caframo Ecofan - Review Stuart - 11/11
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