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Npower's response regarding cutting payment for exported units
by Victoria at 2008-05-06 16:10:11 (Forum::Public::Wind)
I have finally had a response from npower to my query about their rationale for cutting the amount they pay for exported units, whilst not reducing the amount we pay them for imported unit. Any thoughts, suggestions going forward - should we group together to send them a response?


Question to npower

I am disappointed not to have received a response from npower. As a customer of your organisation I would have thought it would not be unreasonable to expect you to acknowledge my request and respond to it, and I would be very grateful if you could do so.

We moved to npower specifically because of the amount you paid for exported units, and it is therefore a concern that this has been cut and it would be helpful to understand the rationale behind this. I am not aware you have reduced in line with this cut the amount we pay for units.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Response from npower

Please accept my apologies for the delay in response, it is a very busy time for us regarding the collection of meter reads, submissions to Ofgem as well as processing payments.

As a customer of npower you are probably aware that we made some changes to our scheme in April 2008. The microgeneration scheme was set up some years ago predominantly for Solar PV customers but within the last year npower has seen a significant increase in interest and take up for different technologies - namely wind and hydro.

We have been collating readings and actively take part in a number of industry microgeneration trials. Our analysis and results from various independent industry trials have highlighted the differences in profiles between the technologies . The change to the scheme is predominantly to enable us to offer competitive tariffs tailored to each technology.

We now offer:

10p for micro wind, based on 60% of total generation (single rate across the UK) plus ROCs
12p for PV based on 50% generation. ( single rate across the UK) plus ROCs

We are also developing a separate tariff for micro hydro

As mentioned previously these products have been designed in accordance with industry data - the recent BEAMA trial ( results published in 2007) we have taken part in and also evidence from the EST report ' Potential for Microgeneration' November 2005.

Before April 2008, npower paid customers between 9 - 13p depending on area based on 50% of their generation. We believe that offering a single rate for PV ensures that customers are all receiving the same rate. For wind customers although the unit rate has decreased slightly for some, customers will now be paid for 60% of their generation.

In addition to export payments, customers will also benefit from ROC payments - the average 2KWp Pv customer receiving an additional 2 ROCS per year and for a 6KWp wind customer, receiving at least 6 ROCs a year. (again according to data collected)

We, at npower take microgeneration very seriously and we strive to continue to offer customers competitive export rates. we believe that the new products continue to do this.

I hope this answers you question

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the microgeneration team.


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