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Will Global Warming make the UK more or less windy?
by Stuart at 2006-06-05 12:18:53 (Blog::Stuart)
The United Kingdom Climate Impacts Programme predicts that as the UK warms it will become wetter in the winter and dryer in the summer. But does this mean for wind?
UKCIP believes that the winters will become wetter and summers may become drier throughout the UK

Snowfall amounts will decrease throughout the UK.

Heavy winter precipitation will become more frequent

Generally rain and wind go together as they both are products of weather fronts moving across the country. UKCIP predicts that the UK should on the whole become windier. See the following predictions:


As you can see from the maps at the above link we can see an overall predicted increase in winds particularly in the Winter time, with perhaps a slight seasonal reduction in wind speed in the autumn.

Yet We are at the moment experiencing a period of Draught in the South east with much reduced winter rainfall , and what generally acknowledged as less windy year as well. Practical experience seems to suggest we are getting a more continental climate.

Who knows?


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