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Bio diesel and tax.
by Peter Henderson at 2008-03-28 20:55:34 (Forum::Public::Transport)
What fuel duty is payable on home produced biodiesel?
I have an aquaintance who runs his car and van on a mix of diesel and cooking oil. He is adamant that because he does less than 20000 miles a year he doesn't have to inform Revenue and Customs of this or pay Fuel Duty. I find this hard to believe, and can recall somewhere hearing that your car can be confiscated and crushed if you are guilty of fuel tax evasion.

What are the facts on tax and bio diesel, and where on line can you find out? A trawl of Revenue and Customs didn't enlighten me.

We are now paying 124.9 for diesel, 117.9 for petrol and LPG is only available at one garage in Orkney, and is unavailable for weeks at a time due to transportation difficulties. An electric car is an option but my commute to work is a 30 miles round trip. Not many electric vehicles have a useable range much above this.

In order to save money and help the environment (although the latest seems to be ''bio diesel is bad''), bio diesel would seem an option to be explored.


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