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Little Friends share my enthusiasm for Composting.
by Stuart at 2008-02-15 12:43:02 (Blog::Stuart)
I got my compost bin last spring from a WRAP campaign and have been diligently composting ever since. The effects in reducing the amount of rubbish we produce has been profound, as has the awareness about how much Fruit and Veg we were not eating and simply throwing away. So all in all a really it has proved a really good thing.
Well over the winter things have become more complicated. I noticed that the bin seemed less full than it did before, and that the greens seemed to be missing. Then I noticed a nice little burrows in the compost, and realised rats where getting in.

I have no real problem with this. I donít fear them, and wish them no harm. I just wish they werenít near my house. I am sure that if they go anywhere closer the house I would be far more hostile towards them. More importantly my wife would be very un-amused!

So what to do? I want to continue composting, and I canít see how the bin could really be made rat proof as the Little Friends seem very proficient at digging. Do we face a future with more composting and more rats and we just have to learn to love them both?


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