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Eco Kettle
by Victoria at 2008-01-05 16:30:19 (Forum::Public::Household)
Sadly dissapointing results of new Eco kettle
The Eco Kettle is an eco gadget too far (along with the solar powered christmas lights). It has a double vessell function that allows you to syphon off the exact amount of water you require,to boil, thereby reducing the amount of energy used . Except for the designer obviously enjoyed very small cups of tea, as the cup guage is completely useless and you have to remember to add additional water each time to the amount the guage suggests you need, and they also obviously did not object to having luke warm cups of tea. I think the cold water contained in the vessell next to the one you boil must somehow remove the heat from the boiled water. A very well thought out christmas present, but unfortunately an ill thought out product

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