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Electric Heating. Which type to go for?
by Peter Henderson at 2008-01-01 16:49:21 (Ask an Expert)
We need a heating system powered by electricity. Has anyone changed from oil to Electric heating and what did you choose?
Happy New Year everyone.

We have our wind turbine up and running well, and are now considering our options regarding heating.

Heating oil is now about 49p per litre, and as we use 3600 litres a year we are keen to change to something cleaner that runs at a similar cost. At present we have a Rayburn range that also heats 8 radiators, and it is not the most efficient of things.

Our options are storage radiators, an electric boiler, a ground source heat pump, or Kalirel type panel heaters.

The heat pump heating radiators is the preferred option but is expensive to install.The house construction is a mix of dry stone walls in the old part with the newer part being non cavity concrete block. Also, we have non-insulated concrete floors. Insulation throughout is plaster board backed with about a centimeter or so of polystyrene so probably needs improving. The only way of doing this seems to be removing the old stuff and insulating behind using rockwool or polystyrene type insulation, then putting in new plasterboard. This is costly even on a DIY basis.

Do any of you have a heat pump that heats radiators? If so, what is the temperature on the radiator itself? Our radiators run at a temperature of about 37 deg C when measured by leaving a thermometer on top and keeps us at a comfortable level.

Basically what I am after is someone who has changed from oil or gas and can give price comparisons on how much difference there is in running costs.

We don't get LPG here, or mains gas either, and no trees so can't use a woodburner.

Thanks for any ideas.


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