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Our Proven 6 is back!
by Peter Henderson at 2007-11-13 21:43:17 (Forum::Public::General)
Giving Proven a second chance.
If you look at my article entitled "Proven 6 major inverter failure," you will see that the initial experience of having a domestic wind turbine in the Henderson house-hold very nearly ended in disaster. We were shocked by the whole experience and returned the whole wind system under the Sale of Goods Act as being unsafe and not fit for purpose. When the turbine was dismantled it was discovered that the wedges that set the blade pitch had been fitted incorrectly. My installer Bryan Rendall posted an article on this website explaining what had occurred. (I still think that such honesty is rare these days and is to be commended). I still refused to keep the turbine as Simon Ridout was having similar problems with his Proven 6. This reinforced my belief that the over voltage problems Proven admit to having on some turbines was still enough to make the system unsafe. Everything was removed bar the foundation block.

Having read that Simon's problems stemmed from the wedges on his blades being fitted incorrectly also, we had to rethink the whole situation and decided that it is only fair to take the Proven 6 back and give it a chance. Bryan Rendall came out himself to re-erect the turbine and when all the electrical system was re-installed a Proven over voltage protection system was fitted.

Everything was switched back on today and has run very smoothly so far although winds are very light. The noticeable differences are that the blades make very little noise, and that when there are gusts the voltmeter doesn't race up the scale like a car rev counter as it did before. We have been making a steady 1 Kw per hour which is fine in such light winds.

Hopefully life with a turbine will be free from drama from now on, and only good reports will grace these pages. Oh yes, and Thanks to Bryan Rendall and his team for having patience with us throughout.


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