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Medway Council Launches: Our Planet
by Stuart at 2007-10-24 13:18:54 (Forum::Public::NottinghamDeclarn)
When it comes to climate change, little things that anyone in Medway can do could make a difference to the big picture. If this sounds unlikely or even impossible, try a visit to Medway Council's website dedicated to tackling climate change locally in Medway.

The website - www.medwayourplanet.net - is interactive, packed with lots of information about climate change, has loads of tips on how we can all play a part and it's easy to use. Medway: Our Planet is a campaign that needs everyone - residents and organisations - to take part to truly succeed.

The website was officially launched on Tuesday, 2 October 2007 at Byron Primary School in Gillingham, by the Portfolio Holder for Customer First and Corporate Services, Cllr Janice Bamber. The photo shows a group of children, Cllr Bamber and the Mayor, Cllr Val Goulden getting to grips with a giant inflatable globe, big enough to contain six kilogrammes of carbon dioxide, the main "greenhouse" gas that causes much of the world's global warming.

This could be removed from the atmosphere if one person turned down their washing machine from 60 degrees to 40 degrees for one month or fitted two energy-efficient lightbulbs - two small actions that can make a big difference.

Medway Council's Portfolio Holder for Customer First and Corporate Services Cllr Janice Bamber said: "The council is committed to playing its part in tackling climate change. We can all make a difference. Last year Medway signed up to the Nottingham Declaration on climate change - a national initiative aimed at doing what we can to help our planet."

"We have made a commitment to reducing carbon emissions produced by the council and are very keen to work with others in Medway to achieve an even bigger impact.''

"One of the council's priorities is to have a clean and green environment in Medway and Medway: Our Planet will help. We know there is lots of good work being done in Medway to combat changes to our climate and we want to hear more about what is happening. Tell us what you are doing.''

Whether, you are a child, young person or adult living in Medway or an organisation operating in the area, Medway: Our Planet has information for you. Not only that but you can do your bit by becoming a carbon-buster. Get in touch and let the council know that you are pledging to do something or have made a change in your life - no matter how small - it can tell the world you have contributed to saving carbon by adding you to the map on the website.

Also, if you pledge to make a change on the website, you will get a newsletter emailed to you and be kept up-to-date with what's going on. Registering on the site is a great way to get involved. There are tips on how to save money through carbon cutting and a section that cuts through the myths surrounding climate change. The Agents for Change section is for young people - tell us what you want here so that you can be really effective in influencing parents, carers and teachers to tackle climate change.


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