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Re: fellow proven owner in westmeath
by Mike Curran at 2007-01-05 18:40:23 (Blog::Stuart)
It is also a tilt up tower, it comes in two sections, each one about 25foot. One can slide up inside the other which is handy for transport. Foundations are prob much the same,2.3x2.3x2m. It's triangular so it has three legs, these have three stubs which are concreted in the foundations using a template to position them, a bit of ducting goes in too. I went a bit overboard with the foundations I welded the three stubs together and made a small lattice tower out of them which I lowered into the hole. Two of the legs have hinges on them, put them in first, then bolted on the next 25 foot section, then put on the turbine head, slip rings, I was missing a thing called a top hat but I don't think it was important. The covers were faded so I turned them inside out. Tied the turbine so the blade hub was at the ground as without the blades it hangs the other way. put on the blades( I put the wedges on wrong, the guy I bought it off had bolted them on wrong).
Tied a steel rope to the top of the tower, no Gin pole was ever produced for this tower. Gave it a tug with the tractor and.......nothing. gave it a tug with 12ton digger......nothing. had to lift it with our small jcb406 at the turbine end then put the digger under the mast and push it up with the boom. A bloody nightmare, it coult have slid off at any time. after about 45degrees the tractor could pull it so we gently pulled it while also pushing it with the digger. then it gently came to rest on it's legs and was bolted down, an enormous sigh of relief that everything lined up. To change the wedges it had to come down again, that's when I noticed the broken springs, put it back up with the new wrong springs but not going to take it down again. I can climb the tower and have put my climbing rope at the top, bought another one last night and an ascender .I'm going to climb to the top hang out, lassoo the turbine shaft( after applying the brake!) and ascend the last metre. I can change the springs or adapt the brackets or whatever from there safely. It might not sound that safe but I cannot stress enough how scarey taking down the tower is. I would attempt most things . I will post pics for a laugh. There is no brake handle so I'm using a boat winch, the brake cable runs in nuts welded inside the tower sleved with lengths of hose. The 3 fase cable is just cable tied to the tower. I'm using a 48v battery charging, built a little hut for the charge controller, inverter and 96 forklift batteries. Oh I also built the trailer to go and get the tower on out of a chassis of an old ford lorry. Proven better have the right bloody springs!
If anyone has a spare trace 4548e inverter could they let me know please? I need two to run the geothermal here. It's 6.2 kw and is drawing 28.5amps so it's still on mains. I can join two traces to get 9kw or 40amp.