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Pluming update - wot, no condensate?
by Simon at 2006-11-17 09:37:47 (Blog::Simon)
Our Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 32/50 (edit: I originally said this was a 50/70, which was incorrect) boiler's been running for about 6 weeks or so, and now the installers are getting concerned that there's no condensate being produced at the outlet.

An identical boiler installed recently in a different house in our village is producing about 2 litres of condensate/day but from ours - nothing. The other house's plume is practically non-existent, whereas ours is huge.

Our flue gases are, apparently, too hot and too wet and the condensate trap (a clear plastic container inline from the boiler to the outlet) isn't even full so the general opinion is now that something's wrong with the boiler itself.


I can only hope that what's wrong can be identified and fixed - the installers are going to get a Worcester-Bosch technical guy to come along and take a look at it.

In other news, Worcester-Bosch have said that if we fit any kind of external flue extension from SFL/Selkirk onto the end of their system (to carry the plume up to the roof of the house) then they'll not honour the guarantee on the boiler.

Now, I've only got that second-hand from the installers, but if this is indeed the case then it strikes me that Worcester-Bosch are being most unhelpful. However, I'm reserving judgement for now - perhaps fixing the condensing problem will ameliorate the pluming to such an extent that it'll no longer be a problem to have the exhaust where it presently lives.

This is the sort of experience that could really put a person off condensing boilers entirely - but remember folks, from April 2007 you won't be allowed to fit any other type of boiler unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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