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by Simon at 2006-10-23 18:55:27 (Blog::Simon)
"It won't be a problem" - ha!

Given a cold, damp day, the plume from our new condensing oil boiler (now commissioned) is akin to the output from the chimney of a steam loco at full "chat" climbing Shap Fell. Smells a bit like it too.

This is not good (even though I like the smell of steam engines), and worse there seems to be a dearth of solutions to the problem.

Having spoken to Worcester-Bosch ("we don't so exterior flues") I've been pointed at Selkirk (www.sfl.uk.com) who apparently have a range of chimney and flue components for condensing boilers. Handily, they're stocked by the Plumb Centre in Salisbury.

However, we may still have an issue because the exit point from the boiler room is 3m away from the house and so routing an exterior flue would entail a horizontal run of 3m, then a 90° bend, plus a 3m vertical section to take it up to gutter level.

Reading the literature on the "NOVA SM" flue system it seems there are regulations on the number of bends you can have, and we may exceed that number. Drat!

As new rules come along in April 2007 and everyone has to then have a condensing boiler, plume management is going to be a big issue. Unless the companies, installers and government get their collective arses in gear there are going to be a fair number of complaints about this.

I've pointed my particular installer at the NOVA SM system for their comments, 'cos one thing's for sure - I'm not prepared to put up with a horizontally-mounted Flying Scotsman in my back yard, most especially since - as I said in the introduction - we were promised that "It won't be a problem".



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