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Spare parts for Elotec turbine
by Declan Monahan at 2012-10-07 16:57:12 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Parts needed
Looking to buy a pair of blades a blade mounting block & a fiberglass cover for this turbine.Like others mine has broken of the top of the pole due to metal failure and smashed headfirst on the ground.Elotec wont reply to me no one seems to be able to get any parts anymore and the company I bought it from are no longer in business.For a good job it landed in soft ground so the rest of it looks ok but the blades are in shite as is the fiberglass cover & mounting block where it bounced on the concrete first.O yeah I also need the metal bit that connects the turbine to the pole.Its made of aluminium or alloy or something.If there are any stronger ones I would rather have one of those as this one has snapped all the way across
If you have any spares please can you mail me at declan4070AThotmailDOTcom

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Spare parts for Elotec turbine Declan Monahan - 7/10
    Re: Spare parts for Elotec tur... Declan Monahan - 7/10
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