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by Iain McTaggart at 2012-07-24 15:39:57 (Ask an Expert)
Ground source or air souce?

Acheiving band D with the EPC to get higher pv cell feed in tarriff and ground source grant.

Hello, we have recently moved to a new house which currently runs heating and hot water off lpg. We have an indoor swimming pool with its own boiler and the house with another boiler.

We have a two acre garden which includes a lake (approximately 100m x 10m x 2m). We have dismissed a water source system because we might need to dredge the lake.

We would like either a ground source or air source heat exchange and a pv cell system on the roof.

I have had three companies visit to advise and quote.

Company one said that we would need a ground source and air source system.

Company two said two air source systems.

Company three said one ground source system.

Company two and three have said that our EPC is band F and we can only achieve band E according to EPC. Therefore we will only get lower feed in tarriff on pv cell system and will not get a grant for the gound source / air source.

Firstly how do I know what system we need when three companies all come up with a different answer?

Secondly even with the lower feed in tarriff for the pv cell system is it still a viable and a cost effective way of producing electricity?

Thirdly, we live in Northants near Corby. Can anyone recommend any renewable energy companies who we could try please?

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.