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Re: Anybody use an annometer to measure windspeed?
by John White at 2011-07-05 09:45:20 (Forum::Public::Wind)
I'm a bit late to this party! Though in my defense I've been lurking on this site for a couple of years.

Just in case anyone reads this thread again -

I've used a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station to log the weather for the last 3 years and found it very good. The weather station is mounted on pole about 80 metres away and through a stone wall and a brick wall and communicates wirelessly with a console which is plugged into an old laptop. I also use a Davis datalogger so that I can capture the data when the pc is off or there's a powercut and it gives me a usb connection to the laptop.

The weather station has a battery backup and a small solar panel and it hasn't failed once in 3 years. The entire setup was about 600 (imported from the US) though which is a hefty chunk of cash but I'm very impressed with the data it gives me.

I wouldn't have considered a wind turbine without the data to back it up. I now log the production of my two turbines alongside wind readings and if I have one tip it is to mount your anemometer several metres+ in the air if you can and ideally in the same spot you plan for the turbine so that you get more realisic readings you can use to predict the wind speed at a given height and your hypothetical turbine's production.