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Scottish Hydro energy monitor
by muymalestado at 2010-11-15 15:03:18 (Forum::Public::Household)
The free energy monitor seems to register one half the units the actual billing meter does. Why?
Scottish Hydro have a "better plan" which has some attached financial billing regime, but importantly sends the customer a free energy monitor.

These are great fun! That is, if you are interested in your consumption of electricity.

We have monthly targets and watch the daily figures to see if the target could be met - what can we switch off tomorrow and still lead a civilised life, sort of thing.

Therefore there is value in these monitors just for checking the usage.

Checking the actual billing meter brings up a real problem.

The billing meter is registering just about an accurate double of the units the free monitor does.

Scottish Hydro supplied both and of course bills us off the billing meter at twice the consumption we think we are using. Which of the two should we trust?

Has anyone else any experience of these free monitors - and their accuracy?

Scottish Hydro says these monitors are 72% accurate and probably ignore very small consuming appliances, though we see single 11w light bulbs raise/lower the usage as they switch on/off.

If the rate of inaccuracy is 28% why is the meter/monitor ratio 200% and the free monitor seem to actually have a rate of inaccuracy of 50%?

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