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Recycle and re-use of home appliances
How difficult is to recycle or use your old home appliance??
Why is more easy to dump in a bin your TV that recycle or reuse it?
Is all ready four months since Iíve started to work and tried to make a difference collecting all kind of home appliances some as: washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, Computers, servers and other office equipment; but it looks like a fight of David against Goliath with the difference that is Goliath is the one wining at the moment, but still I am stick to my guns.
What I am offering is to collect for re-use and recycle all kinds of electrical or metal made home appliances and office equipment for free!!! Thatís right free of charge.
Now, what do I do with all that stuff? The answer is simple, first of all see and determine if it can be repaired and reuse it again, if it is damaged, try to repair and once it has been repaired, we will send this to Africa or South America to be used again for people who doesnít have the resources how to get a new appliance.
Now you may be wondering what happen if it gets damaged again over there?
Well over there the costs of repair those appliances is a lot more accessible that England, and the more important thing is that if the appliance get absolutely broken or damaged they will find any other application to the case or part of the appliance to be used again and again.
One thing you may be sure: there is no way that the appliance is going to end in a landfill as in here,
If you want to join my cause please check my website: www.mygreenway.co.uk or join the group: