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Re: Channel 4 News
by BigSkeff at 2010-02-26 21:08:25 (News)
Just a quick question.

On the premise that lots of people move house, and some quite often.

Am I correct in thinking that even new installations will not have a resale value if the property is sold and the new owner wants rid for some reason ?

Is it also true that the original owners of post July 2009 high rate F.I.T. eligible PV or Turbine are not allowed to claim the F.I.T. at all if they take it with them and install at a new house ? or is it that they aren't allowed to even move it ?

If true they would have to start from scratch by installing new kit. How would this effect the overall payback time ?

Would this crazy rule ( which, as I see it, was concocted to stop pre July 2009 Microgenerators from swapping our turbines and PV with each other ) dissuade people from taking up microgeneration in the first place if they were likely to move in the next 20 years or so ?

Planet 'B' presumed nonexistent.