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Getting a better price for your ROC’s
by BigSkeff at 2008-06-11 15:14:06 (Forum::Public::ROC Questions)
As hinted at in my last post about ROC’s HERE, I have decided to sell our few via ‘e-ROC Online Auction Service’ . This service costs £50 for up to 100 ROC’s and then 50p/ROC.

According to the track record the auction price has hovered around the high £40s to low £50s mark for some time but as with all auctions there is a risk. So with the present ‘Buy Out Price’ at £34 ish I decided it was worth the risk even with our few ROC’s.

At this point I had a ‘Yorkshire Moment’ as opposed to my more usual ‘Senior’ ones, and called e-ROC to ask if it was possible to group a number of micro generators ROC’s together before going to auction and therefore incurring only one £50 fee. YES, was the answer, no problem but the ROC’s should be grouped together in Ofgem’s ROC register and then offered as a lump to them. I have spoken with Ofgem who have given me instructions on how to set up an account to receive ROC’s which is nearly complete.

If this idea were to work it would possibly require some form of legal ‘Jiggery Pokery’ or a whole pile of trust. Either way we don’t have much time as the annual ROC’s will appear in the register on the 13th June 2008 and the auctions are on the 8th July 2008 and must be transferred to e-ROC by the 25th June 08.

Please feel free to comment or offer inspiration, and also ‘Hands Up’ if you’re vaguely interested. It is a case of 'The more the merrier' in as much as it will reduce the cost/ROC charged and therefore increase the price.