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The Foundations for my 15m Wind Turbine Mast go in.
by Stuart at 2006-06-28 12:25:48 (Blog::Stuart)
Yesterday we succesfully laid 30 tonnes of concrete forming the foundations for our wind turbine.
The 6kw Proven on a 15m mast, needs a foundation that is 3m by 3m by 1.2m deep.

The hole itself took about half a day to dig with a mini digger and dumper. The hole was then filled with steel mesh, and the base plate with meter long bolts secured and positioned over the hole.

A separate smaller hole was excavated for the anchor point, where the wind turbine can be lowered from.

Three and a half lorries of concrete where needed to fill the foundations. The exercise of getting the concrete the 100m to the foundations was somewhat fraught but ultimately successful.

The foundation now need to harden for a minimum of 21 days and test samples will be tested for strength before the foundations are confirmed as ready.

The next phase the erection of the turbine is planned for mid July.


JPEG image (1Mb limit) The Hole
JPEG image (1Mb limit) The Foundation
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