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Schools and Wind Turbines
by Andy Roberts at 2008-01-24 15:18:02 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Let's get schools started properly. (It's a bit long, sorry!)
I'm the Sustainable Schools Advisor in Lincolnshire and I would invite your help in writing a county (UK??) factsheet / booklet on choosing, installing and using small WTs in schools.

I'd like short sections on Why WTs?; Where to install WTs; How to choose?; Real World economics of WT's; Justifying WT's on environmental grounds - and whatever else you'd think is worthwhile.

I'm thinking that this has all been written before so links to or copies of articles suitable for inclusion for both non-technical schools (most primary schools) and those with a small amount of expertise (eg secondaries with Physics dept's) would be very much appreciated.

I also want to put together classroom materials, plus datasheets for use by the 'Eco-Schools' committees who already have a responsibility for reading and recording electricity, gas/oil and water useage. Does anyone know of anything that is already in the public domain?

Finally, I want to organise a national data-collection scheme, similar to your own Google Sheet. I'd not necessarily recommend giving schools access to your own sheet - pupils will provide the data and will often make mistakes so I'd not want to corrupt your data. However, we could do something very similar - or maybe spreadsheet/e-mail based - what do you think? I'd also want to include here wind-speed and direction data - taken from their weather stations.

Any contributions can be attributed if desired, including those from commercial interests. If any firm would like to sponsor or advertise in the booklet (which will go out to 350 schools in Lincolnshire and probably 1000's more country-wide if it all goes well; it'll also be web-based (see the LincolnshireLowCarbon.com website)

I can be contacted best on 'ajdroberts at aol.com' (and also on Sustainability@Lincolnshire.gov.uk) but do please post replies here so people can see who/how/what is available for schools.


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