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by FRANCIS at 2013-12-19 17:48:47 (Forum::Public::ProvenEnergy)

I have a Proven 6 wind turbine for approx 3 years. After about 6 months one of the springs on the blade broke off. After replacing that a few months later another spring broke. This time I decided to replace all 4 springs at once. Two weeks ago I noticed that 2 more spring have broken off. Is anyone else having this problem.

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PROVEN 6 WIND TURBINE FRANCIS - 2013-12-19 17:48:47
Re: PROVEN 6 WIND TURBINE Peter John Benning - 2013-12-19 20:46:10


Hi Francis,
I have had my Proven 6kW for 6.5 years and not have any spring break. It is fairly windy where we live and it has produced 92mWh (averaging 14.1mWh/year) in that time. I have however changed the bolts and plastic sleeves + the nylon spring inserts. (Kit from Kingspan - who now own Proven). At the same time I tensioned all the springs by moving the bolt ends out one hole.
Are you in a very windy site? The springs only stretch in very high winds...


Re: PROVEN 6 WIND TURBINE FRANCIS - 2013-12-19 21:01:45



Yes I live right along the coast in Co Kerry. The turbine generates approx 12,000 KWH per year. The wind can get pretty severe at times. I would of thought that these would of have been tested for winds far exceeding anything we get in Ireland.

Re: PROVEN 6 WIND TURBINE Peter John Benning - 2013-12-20 17:47:46
Hi Francis

Yes they are tested (or supposed to be) to well over 100mph. (Proven, were designed in and for the west coast of Scotland) The idea is that the blades cone themselves, reducing the surface area presented to the wind. I have stood underneath the turbine (mine is on a 15m mast) in 70mph winds and it does 'cone' but not as much as I expected. Of course this is the advantage of the Proven design, in that it still produces max power in very strong winds, where other models (and commercial) have to turn out of the wind... to protect themselves. - not sure whether they still produce any power in such cirumstances.


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