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Exmork Wind Turbines
by David Betts at 2010-12-02 15:56:30 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Exmork Wind Turbines and their reliability
I purchased earlier this year 2 wind turbines from Exmork in China, so far in high winds both units have failed badly one off killing the controller and the other burning out the turbine itself.
I have found that the manufactures have failed to offer warranty and have now sent over 30 emails with pictures and still they are not helpful.
the moral of this story is don't buy Exmork wind turbines, they don't protect themselves in high winds and fail!!


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Exmork Wind Turbines David Betts - 2010-12-02 15:56:30
Re: Exmork Wind Turbines Vicky - 2010-12-03 07:54:03

Mr D Betts is not an honest consumer. He said both two wind turbines have failed badly, but he just reports me one controller is damaged because of lightning, and one wind turbine is damaged because of short circuit. In fact, I have agreed to provide him a 2kw/48v indoor controller and a new winding with casting for free. The product is not quality problem and not under warranty, so we can’t send it by DHL because of expensive freight cost, we could send it by sea. but David doesn’t agree with that, and want get more.

David said:
“Please visit Google and search "Exmork wind turbines"
This is just the beginning, i will post in every forum of your service.
Check again in 7 days and most important after 6 weeks.”

But in fact, the product is not quality problem. The controller is damaged because of lightning .The 3-phase rectifier bridge is damaged.
The cost is just USD20 to replace the 3-phase rectifier bridge.
The wind turbine is short circuit because it is not a wind/pv hybrid controller but David connected solar panel which can output 20amps at 48v with this controller, so the wind turbine is short circuit because of big current.

Please check what Mr. D Betts has said at email:
“Have checked rectifier bridge and is reading < ohm between A-C. We had lightning the first time we had problem”

“We also have connected a solar panel which can output 20amps at 48v if turbine is at maximum capacity also could this be the problem? it is possible to see 70 amps?”

Wind turbine is a special product. It is spinning in the open air. Even though a top quality wind turbine, it also may be damaged under the condition of howling wind and torrential rain, so we don’t guarantee exmork wind turbine could always spinning without any problem.
EXMORK is always trying our best to provide best after-sales service to all consumers.
Take some examples:
1) A 20KW wind turbine was damaged in Hungary. After we confirm it was under warranty, we sent a new 20kw wind turbine to compensate this client. We also provided a 6m free standing tower with this 20kw wind turbine together ( it is 24m free standing tower, but the flange of first 6m section is damaged, so we provide the first 6m section tower for free). We paid shipping cost to Budapest.
The Hungary consumer name: Gabor Kover Telephone number:+36 30 2095552 Email: dialogcenter@gmail.com

2) A 5kw wind turbine was damaged in USA. After we confirmed it was under warranty, we sent a new 5kw wind turbine to compensate this client. This 5kw wind turbine is for free, and we pay the shipping cost to Detroit.
The USA consumer name: James C Lang Telephone number:7349150694 EMAIL: jclang@provide.net

3) A 5kw wind turbine was damaged in South Africa. After we confirm it was under warranty, we sent a new 5kw wind turbine to this client for free. The shipping cost is also paid by exmork.
The South Africa client name: Chris Telephone number: Tel: +27 21 702 1102 Email: chris@earthpower.co.za
4) 10pcs 300w wind turbine was damaged in South Africa. After we confirm it was under warranty, we sent 11pcs 300w wind turbine to this client for free. The shipping cost is also paid by exmork.
It is same client: Chris Telephone number: +27 21 702 1102 email: chris@earthpower.co.za
5) 10KW BLADES was damaged because of heavy snow and low temperature in Poland. After we confirm it was under warranty, we sent a new set 10kw blades to this client for free.
The Poland client name: Mr.Wiesław Sobol telephone number: + 48 42 636 14 12
Email: ws@celton.com.pl
6) A 5kw/120v controller is damaged in Australia. After we confirm it was under warranty, we sent a new 5kw controller to this client by DHL. He doesn’t need to pay anything.
The Australia client name : Bill, Telephone number: 08 96 832101. Email:windpowerenergy@bigpond.com


These years, we always give good warranty to honest consumer, so exmork wind turbines have good reputation.

Re: Exmork Wind Turbines Quentin Gargan - 2011-01-16 19:56:44
I'm sorry, but I have also come across this brand of turbine - in a skip. Like many people who work with wind, I have bought a number of Chinese turbines to try out, and without exception, they all failed. This isn't a prejudice on my part - I work with excellent Chinese solar panels, and I'm typing this (and you're probably reading it) on a Chinese laptop.

Companies trying to develop a decent rugged wind turbine now find that to sell in the UK, they have to meet very expensive MCS testing standards. We may grumble at this, but the reason is because very low cost turbines have given so much trouble.

For example see the reports at http://www.thewindandyourwallet.com/?p=16 and elsewhere on that website.

A wind turbine is not something to trifle with. The blade tip of a turbine can be doing 7 or 8 times the wind speed, and if the controller fails, it can often do a lot more.

Hopefully you have a decent G83 inverter that can be used, and the tower can be used for another turbine with modified mountings. It isn't all a write-off, but for safety reasons, I wouldn't re-install, even if it was under warranty. Sorry.


Turbotricity 2.5kw Grid & Off-Grid Wind Turbines


Re: Exmork Wind Turbines David Betts - 2011-01-19 10:03:09
Yes and thanks for the advice, i have learn t the hard way i am afraid.
Have re-wound the stators and fitted good bearings and used good quality cable and hopefully one of the two will be erect this weekend.
I don't understand them if they had sent replacements i probably would not have complained about their product so loudly, why cant companies understand that after sales service is important. If they had investigated the cause, rectified the problem in production one day they might be selling good quality products.
I have a business for 16 years now in the electronics industry winding coils and transformers so i know the industry, it is so close to being a good product.
If they had fitted better bearings with a good QA department and used quality cable instead of the s**t cable they used they could be good.
Thanks for your message.


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