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Transferring from Renewables Obligation to FITs. I'm Confused....
by Peter Henderson at 2010-03-27 20:11:39 (Forum::Public::General)
What do pre-July 2009 ROC registered generators have to do before 01st April 2010 to change to FITs?
We received a letter from the Energy Saving Trust on Thursday 25th March 2010 telling us of important information regarding FITs and eligibility criteria. It was dated 18th March 2010 and says that microgenerators have to be registered to receive FITs before 31 March 2010. The applications have to be received by OFGEM by 31st March. Not much time.

Following the flow chart in the letter and already having RO accreditation seems to suggest that we need to do nothing. Reading further on seems to suggest that we have to apply for the lower RO transfer tariff. Sending an e-mail to OFGEM generates an automatic response telling you that they are very busy and will reply in 2-5 days. They also suggest you contact the Energy Saving Trust. The advice to go to the EST is also in the letter form OFGEM. If you do as suggested and go to the Generate your own Electricity section and click on Sell your own Energy as well as some now out of date information on how much you can get for your power. there is a section on FITs.
In this section it says that if you installed before July 2009 and were registered for ROCs you have to contact OFGEM to transfer from ROCs to FITs.

We decided to go ahead and register online with OFGEM following the instruction in the letter to apply for an account. This done we waited until the next day as the account had to be set up and passwords set up.

Great. Now to switch from ROCs to FITs, a simple job we thought as we are already registered for ROCs and given the short time they have made available surely it will be straight forward. Not So. We have filled out what we think applies to us, but at no time was there a mention of FITs. No information about what to do specific from transferring from ROCs to FITs. Basically, what we have done is submit an application to register for the RO, something we already have.

We have wasted about three hours on this what with jumping from website to website fir information and are now fed up to say the least. We still don't know if we have done the right thing. What is really, really annoying is the impossibly short timescale given by OFGEM thanks to the very short notice received. Getting a paper copy posted is an option but our geographical location means that despite the Post Office being amazingly quick there is no way that we could achieve the 31st March deadline.

If Ed Milliband were here now he would be singing soprano.

The whole ROCs to FITS scheme seems to be surrounded by confusion and controversy. If anyone wants an example of this Governments incompetence, then they need look no further.

So, what have you all done? Are we just mistaken in what we are doing? I appeal to you for help, as it's not coming from OFGEM or the EST at the moment.


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Transferring from Renewables Obligation to FITs. I'm Confused.... Peter Henderson - 2010-03-27 20:11:39
Re: Transferring from Renewables Obligation to FITs. I'm Confused.... Ted Marynicz - 2010-03-28 13:13:11

if you are a pre-July 2009 installation and are already registered for ROCs then there is nothing you immediately have to do with OFGEM.

Your current supplier should send you papers to complete to facilitate the ROC to FIT switch-over. I got mine from SSE yesterday - but the 31st March deadline doesn't apply to this.


Re: Transferring from Renewables Obligation to FITs. I'm Confused.... Roger Vincent - 2010-03-29 11:51:42
What I cannot understand is the apathy of the hundreds of small generators who purchased their generators before October 2010. It is quite clear from Npower that they will not offer more than the 9p for generated power and the derisory 3p for exported power. But as I see it I no longer have to buy the more expensive Npower Juice but can buy the cheapest imported power going which I understand is Southern Electric, which I calculate should save me 100 at least. The big problem is the price I can get for my exported power and as I export more than two thirds of all my generated power. 3p is just not enough. The ofgem registeration papers are very clear for a change, all I have to do is name the company who will pay me for my total generated power at 9p, and presumably it will be the generator I purchase my imported power from. They make it clear that I can sell my exported power to the highest bidder so why do we not all pool our exported power and auction it off once a year to the highest bidder? Nfpas/ Eroc made a good jb of selling our ROC,s is it possible for us to use the same system? Time is running out and it is no use thinking that this problem is going away or be changed any time soon so let us at least pool our knowledge for instance I would like to hear from some good energy customers, what are they being offered after Apil 1st and has any one else found a better price for their exported and imported power. The other poin to remember is that we are all exporting green power which is being sold at a premium in the market Roger Vincent
Re: Transferring from Renewables Obligation to FITs. I'm Confused.... Peter Henderson - 2010-04-01 10:46:39
We got the forms from SSE, which made more sense than the drivel from the EST. A phone call to OFGEM helpline eventually got through. A helpful chap apologised for the confusion, which he said was not just restricted to me. He did say the forms should have been better written.
There was no mention on them of microgenerators already RO registered just having to switch to FITs by getting a form through their supplier.
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