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Windy Boy WB6000
by Len Jones at 2008-06-25 09:23:38 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Problem with output power cycling
Does anyone have any actual parameter settings that are being used to overcome my problem. Unitron 4.2KW turbine with WB6000U grid connect. At low wind speeds and up to 3KW ouput, (about 350Volts DC), evertything is great, near constant power output, good turbine loading etc. When the wind speed increases, (voltage about 380 Vdc and above), the power output increases but the turbine is then loaded excessively and actually slows down reducing the output voltage and then the whole cycle starts again. I am sure the issue is associated with the Ramp setting of the WB6000. I seem to have it OK at low wind but not at high wind and I cannot seem to get the right settings. Does anyone have experience of such an issue, and does anyone have settings for Ramp etc for high winds

Help gratefully received

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Windy Boy WB6000 Len Jones - 2008-06-25 09:23:38
Re: Windy Boy WB6000 Stuart - 2008-06-27 10:22:12

Does this happen in a steady wind?

Does your Windy boy have three points in the turbine output curve or just two. It would appear that it is programmed wrongly.

Can you post video of it happening, and details of your Windy Boy setting?


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