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Getting a better price for your ROC’s
by BigSkeff at 2008-06-11 15:14:06 (Forum::Public::ROC Questions)
As hinted at in my last post about ROC’s HERE, I have decided to sell our few via ‘e-ROC Online Auction Service’ . This service costs £50 for up to 100 ROC’s and then 50p/ROC.

According to the track record the auction price has hovered around the high £40s to low £50s mark for some time but as with all auctions there is a risk. So with the present ‘Buy Out Price’ at £34 ish I decided it was worth the risk even with our few ROC’s.

At this point I had a ‘Yorkshire Moment’ as opposed to my more usual ‘Senior’ ones, and called e-ROC to ask if it was possible to group a number of micro generators ROC’s together before going to auction and therefore incurring only one £50 fee. YES, was the answer, no problem but the ROC’s should be grouped together in Ofgem’s ROC register and then offered as a lump to them. I have spoken with Ofgem who have given me instructions on how to set up an account to receive ROC’s which is nearly complete.

If this idea were to work it would possibly require some form of legal ‘Jiggery Pokery’ or a whole pile of trust. Either way we don’t have much time as the annual ROC’s will appear in the register on the 13th June 2008 and the auctions are on the 8th July 2008 and must be transferred to e-ROC by the 25th June 08.

Please feel free to comment or offer inspiration, and also ‘Hands Up’ if you’re vaguely interested. It is a case of 'The more the merrier' in as much as it will reduce the cost/ROC charged and therefore increase the price.


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Getting a better price for your ROC’s BigSkeff - 2008-06-11 15:14:06
Re: Getting a better price for your ROC’s Stuart - 2008-06-12 09:57:38
Great idea BigSkeff.

I would love to be part of a RRR Rocs selling group, as everyone would appear to benefit.

As I see it we would need one person to act as the administrator to handle the OFGEN registration and liaise with EROCS.

I guess we would also need to set up some form of legal body to limit the liability of the individual who acts as the administrator, and to make signing ones Rocs over less of an act of faith.

One root would be a Coop or a Company limited by guarantee.

I have a friend who is a company secretary who I will question.

But count me in for next year. As sadly I don’t feel that in will be able to extricate myself from my existing ROC set up to allow me to take part this year.

What do others say?

Do we have anyone with relevant skills who could help?


Re: Getting a better price for your ROC’s BigSkeff - 2008-06-17 21:40:01
Thanks Stuart,

Well that went down like a lead balloon !!

‘Twas just an idea to get a better deal and to save some hard earned ££’s for myself and anyone in a similar boat. Guess everyone is sorted and on £50/ROC and 10p/Kwh exported.

Never the less it should save me over £100 or so I’ve now registered with both Ofgem and eROC and received conformation that I’m fully set up to both receive ROCs from generators and to transfer them in one lump to eROC to be auctioned, all online and from within the Roc-register. Registering with Ofgem is now very simple and not to be avoided. Who would want to give away, to an agent, control of such a valuable commodity ?

You mention a “need to set up some form of legal body to limit the liability of the individual who acts as the administrator.” I agree and thank you for your offer to investigate. As most people, like yourself, may perhaps be tied into some form of possibly binding agreement for this years ROCs, there will then a year to set something up. That’s if there’s any need, the maths change next year with the advent of double ROCs.

In case anyone thinks they are locked into a contract because they had to sign an annual ( March to April ) 'Sale & Buy-Back Agreement' with their supplier when they first registered with Ofgem. Please check to see if it has lapsed, as since the 1st April 2007 Ofgem no longer requires generators to provide a 'Sale & Buy-Back Agreement' in order to be eligible for ROCs.

Yours James

Planet 'B' presumed non existent.

Re: Getting a better price for your ROC’s BigSkeff - 2008-07-08 15:18:53
e-ROC have just sent me an e-mail to announce the results of their quarterly ROCs auction.

The latest e-ROC Auction of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) was completed today, 8 July 2008, with just over 143,000 (including approximately 4000 co-fired ROCs) being purchased.

The average price was £53.27. (The average price in the last auction held in April was £51.39).

Renewable Obligation Certificates are issued under the terms of the Renewables Obligation Order, the Renewables Obligation Order (Scotland) and the Renewables Obligation Order (Northern Ireland), the Government's mechanisms for increasing the proportion of electricity produced from renewable sources.

NFPAS Ltd, a subsidiary of NFPA Ltd, runs the e-ROC auctions in its capacity as agent for a number of organisations who wish to sell ROCs. The next e-ROC auction is due to be held 9 October 2008.


Planet 'B' presumed non existent.

Re: Getting a better price for your ROC’s Jim Hoyle - 2008-08-06 09:06:59
hi yeah ive the same issue there appears to be very few generators who hold the roc account in there own name, i know quite a few people who have turbines but especially npower and otheres demand the account be administered by them
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