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Iskra AT5-1 5Kw Turbine
by Cliff Collins at 2008-03-29 16:39:53 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Is anyone else having problems with this machine, particularly with the "mooing" whine?

Ours has been installed for 9 months and is still not working.

We paid a deposit to Segen (Iskra's agents) 13 months ago, and finally - two months later than scheduled - our AT5-1 was installed in June last year. From the very first day, it never worked properly, and we have had huge problems with aerodynamic noise and a very loud whine/hum, known as the "moo". Segen and Iskra have had the benefit of more than 19,000 of our (and tax-payers') money for 9 months and all we have is a sad, still, turbine.
Very little help from Segen, who - we feel - should be batting on our behalf.