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Performance in a storm
by Mick at 2008-03-10 16:38:25 (Forum::Public::Wind)
Performance of Proven 6KW during the lastest storm to sweet across ireland and UK
hi all
i was wondering how all your turbines performed during the latest storm

Unfortunaitly i still suffer from the over volatage condition , so i have spend most of the last 24 hors off grid

How have the rest done ...
For those turbines that do not suffer from "over voltage " ... are you producting well .. even in gusts up to 150KM per hour

I am interested to know how you are doing

And for those who have the braking resistors installed ... how are you doing during the storm

like to get some input

Thanks all

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Performance in a storm Mick - 2008-03-10 16:38:25
Re: Performance in a storm - Bergey Peter - 2008-03-10 21:36:44
Your question prompted me to go and check our output (on a Bergey Excel-S 10kW turbine) for the past 24 hours!

In fact, North Yorkshire has been rather 'out of it' this time, at least compared to the South West and Scotland. As a result, I don't think the Bergey has spent much of the time furled over this period (I should soon be able to 'see' this more precisely as I am in the process of adding a solar powered wind data logger to our mast.) As I write, we are producing less than 2kW.

For what it's worth, our total output from Sunday evening to Monday evening (9th/10th March) has been 77 kWh.



Re: Performance in a storm BigSkeff - 2008-03-10 23:02:42

We have a Proven 6 on a 15M tower with a SMA 6000 Inverter at
SKEFFLING, East Yorkshire. During the high winds of this morning it was producing a constant 6 Kwh give or take a few watts. It 'coned inwards' as the wind increased, but not much. I don't think we had more than about 65 MPH, 70 max. All seemed quite happy with not allot of fuss.

Our turbine and inverter were installed and set up by EAGLE POWER. As I understand it (and that's very little) the correct setup of the inverter is crucial, but it can't compensate for the vagaries of the GRID.

There's more wind to come, so they say, so I hope everyone survives unscathed.

All the best


p.s. I've attached a KMZ file which opens up in Google Earth and shows where we are and some guff about the thing. You can't see the Turbine as it's 2003 on Google Earth and it went up in Feb 2007

Planet 'B' presumed non existent.

KMZ file (Google Earth)
Re: Performance in a storm Stuart - 2008-03-11 10:47:15
We made 60kwh from the storm with a 6kw Proven on a 15m mast in Rochester Kent
Re: Performance in a storm Peter Henderson - 2008-03-28 20:24:50
Although that storm passed us by here in Orkney we regularly get winds equal to or greater in strength for longer periods. The most generated in a strictly monitored 24 hour period was 138.7kWh on 04/01/08. The theoretical maximum for a 6kW turbine in 24 hours is 144kWh so in the real world it is performing very well. There have been several other days when we have generated over 130kWh in a day.

We have the Proven over voltage dump load fitted, which clicks in and out when the input to the inverter goes above a set point. Heater elements receive this unwanted power and warm up, but not to many great temperature normally. There is no loss of useable power when the dump load is being used. The readings on the inverter being typically in the range of 5950 watts to 6050 watts.

There have only been two occasions when our turbine has disconnected from the Grid, both of which were caused by power cuts on the Grid itself. Both occured in high winds, the highest being around 40mph, gusting 70 mph. The readings on the inverter showed that the input reached 556v when disconnected at this wind strength. When the grid came back on about 5 minutes later the inverter went on to grid monitoring mode and then reconnected the turbine smoothly, as it did on the other occasion. The dump load does what is is meant to do and I am very happy with it.

We don't reach the high monthly figures of some of the other turbines here in Orkney but we are situated 8 metres above sea level and are surrounded on almost all sides by hills above 500ft. It can be flat calm all day here but 10 mph all day 5 miles away,particularly in southerly winds. Having said that we are in no way disappointed as the Turbine is doing better than we hoped.

I hope you find this useful.


Re: Performance in a storm Mick - 2008-03-28 22:35:24
Thanks peter

My breaking resistors are now installed...

They seem to work “sometimes”...but i still have problems

I am getting a lot of disconnects still in hi winds....
I am getting the "disturbance -Srr "fault .... Which suggested that the grid has done out of the 10% +/- tolerance
I am un convinced about this as this only happens in hi winds ...and I have tried to monitor the voltage on the grid ...and I have never seen it go out of spec

Now when I get these disconnects ...reconnection can take a long time.... and i get a condition where the braking resistors heat up ...and the windy boy ... dies over a period of about 5 mins , as the power needed to power it dies away and all the power it seems is diverted to the braking resistors
The braking resistors glow red and this condition can last for an hour...if the winds are hi

So I am still not OK. and its very annoying

the serach for a fix continues


Re: Performance in a storm john - 2008-05-03 22:51:47
I believe you are near Cork harbour. I'm in Oysterhaven and I'm thinking about getting one but know very little about wind turbines.
Have looked at the Proven, Iskra and Eoltec websites at their 5/6kw turbines.

Have you any advice based on your experience. Would you still go with Proven given the hassle you seem to be having ?



Re: Performance in a storm Mick - 2008-05-07 11:02:16
Yes i am in cork ..on the harbour

The jury is still out , which is a pitty ...
i believe the product is fundamenrtally a very good product , but after sales service is where they have fallen down with me

The fix has still not been installed ......
I am due a new date from proven .. this week

Once this is done i will be in a better position to give a full and considered view of the complete package .

I have been very patient thus far , so i will await the final fix and see how it performes

We can meet some time if u are really serious about the project



Re: Performance in a storm john - 2008-05-08 21:06:40
I'd definitely like a look at your set up, if possible. I'm working at the moment but I'm back in Cork the end of May, so maybe we can meet up then ?.

Thanks alot

Re: Performance in a storm Mick - 2008-05-08 21:33:28
No problem

c u then

Re: Performance in a storm Mick - 2008-06-26 15:18:13
Hi all

just to close this issue

I am happy to say the turbine and system is now working perfectly .........
In Hi winds the braking resistors work well and the overvolatge error and disconnect errors are gone .

i now stay connected and producing during storms

I have had some really windy spells since MAY and output has been great


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